Saturday Cooking Project: Banana Wontons

Bought too many wonton skins so we searched the internet for recipes to use up those wonton skins. Here are 2 simple recipes we came across:
Chocolate Banana Wontons
Pangsit Pisang (for Indonesian readers).

Then off we go with our cooking project.


Put the banana in the middle.


Next comes the chocolates.


Put some cheese.


Now wrap it up.


After being fried.

P.S.: Turns out that Mikha only ate the wonton skin, cheese & chocolate. He left the banana untouched =_=


One thought on “Saturday Cooking Project: Banana Wontons

  1. oma vera says:

    Wow….pasti enaaaak ya banana wontons nya abang…….kalo oma ada pasti oma yg lahap banana nya… Oma vera tunggu kreasi berikutnya ya ‘Bang…….BRAVO mama Wiena n abang Mikha

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